Michael Moore Is In This!

I just watched Roger & Me with Michael Moore's commentary on. He tells that the first time he got involved with filmmaking was when a filmcrew asked him if they could set up a meeting with the local KKK.

Michael Moore contacted the KKK and even scheduled and interview with the Grand Dragon. However, nobody of the crew dared to ask him questions so Moore did it.

Not long after he contacted this crew to help him start up his own film, Roger & Me.


What's even stranger is that the Bush clan helped MM become a filmmaker.

From Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/news/coverstory/michael_moore_patriot_act
"Working on Blood in the Face inspired Moore to make his own documentary. A year later, before he began Roger and Me, Moore called on Rafferty for a tutorial. Rafferty taught Moore how to use a camera and helped to shoot and edit the film. Moore subsequently discovered not only that Rafferty had friends in high places but that the phrase "friends in high places" was a gross understatement: Rafferty's uncle is George Herbert Walker Bush.

"There's a scene in Fahrenheit 9/11 where George W. Bush, during an early campaign event, spots Moore in the crowd and shouts, "Why don't you go find real work?" "Right before that line, he was going, 'Heyyy, Mike,' " Moore says, accentuating his Dubya impression with a wink and a stagy finger-point. "Kevin's his cousin. They had a screening of Roger and Me at Camp David." Moore chuckles, then continues, deadpan, "I'm grateful to any family that helped me become a filmmaker. I can never forget that."



Right. In most materials, never is said to be off camera or not mentioned at all, but he can clearly be seen in the movie (complete with baseball hat). Interesting tid bit.