So,so, so, very confused.

Ok, I looked to see if anyone was as confused as I was...but everyone was just worried about the music in the movie. Geeze....

Anyway, I was very confused this whole movie. I saw this today on ABC family and I didn't get it.

I mean, ok, i got that this girl ran away and everyone is trying to find her. But.....I mean, I didn't get the subplots of the movie.

Like, at the end, this lady kisses this guy who I think is the father of her baby. Then, she goes and kisses someone else like 30 seconds later and the guy she just kissed doesn't seem to care. What's up with that?

Or, in the middle, when I first started watching, the police ask, "Ok, so who are the parents of the lost girl. Everry adult raises their hand.

Or....the little boy(Ben savage) says, " dad, I'm sory I got lost...yadi, yadad, yada....". Then, starts talking to this other guy and calls him dad too.

Now, I think I 've sorta got the solution to the last one. Below the title of this movie, it says aka are they all related by like marriage or what? the movie these two ladies were talking and the third one says, I thought we were going to not pretend to be friends.....

One last thing.....I know they all know each other....but how come they hate each other-yet seem to be all realted- yet they all fall in love with everyone of the opposite sex....Oh I am so Confused...someone help!!!!

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Lets see if I can describe all the relationships.

The Businessman (Kieth's) first wife died, they had a son Josh (the son that was living in the cabin).

The annoying lady with the short red hair that got stung by the bee (Melinda) was married to the artist guy (David), they had a daughter Laura (the runaway).

They got divorced and Melinda married Kieth, they had Corrine(the slutty looking daughter),Kurt (the army guy), and Sam (the brainy kid).

David married Barbara(the brunette). They had the little red headed girl (I didn't catch her name).

David then had an affair with the pregnant chick (Stephanie) and well got her pregnant.

Got all that?

Now Stephanie ended up with Josh at the end because David was never really in love with her. He was still in love with Barbara and still trying to win her back. Stephanie knew that she convinced Josh to make his move. I think the kiss between David and Stephanie was just a goodbye kiss.

The whole conversation about not being friends is because they had all been with David at some point or another.

Hopefully that answers most of your questions.


Great explanation. Just one thing though. I'm confused about Corinne. I thought she was Laura's full sister and that David was her father. I mostly thought that because a) she's older than Laura and b) she has red hair like David's other little girl, Jessie.

Oh, and to elaborate for the OP, Stephanie ended up with Josh because she was never in love with David. She was his mistress and happened to get pregnant, but they never wanted to be together. He was still in love with his second wife. Josh isn't related to David at all so it wouldn't be weird to start dating him. He's Laura's stepbrother, no blood. I hope that clears it up.

I really liked this movie. I thought it was great the way it dealt with all the different relationships so realistically. It wasn't just a kids movie.

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thanks. I sorta figured it was something like that. But...they all hated each other come they all went on that trip togther if they hate each other? Why would they do it anyway? That's the only thing.

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you got some stuff wrong
the bussiness man. kieth with his first wife the one that died had josh carine and kurt. kieth and melinda only had sam together josh carrine and kurt were her step kids.


I'm pretty sure that Corinne was supposed to be Lauras half sister. There was originally a part at the begining where Laura narrates who everyone in her family is over old home videos. I don't know why ABC family would cut that out because it helps explain a lot of the things that happen in the movie but I'm sure they needed to fit a few more commercials in and something needed to be cut (I just fast forward through them with my tifaux anyway).

Also none of these people planned on going on vacation together. When Laura ran away she ran away to Josh's cabin. Josh called Barbara to try to convince Laura to tell her parents where she was. Kieth and Melinda were getting ready to go to Hawaii with their kids when Laura ended up missing so the whole family went to Josh's to try to find her. Then Sam called David to let him know that Laura was missing and he brought Stephanie.


ok. I got it. Thanks!

Don't frown,you never know when someone may be falling in love with your smile.


Keith was married to his first wife (I don't think she got a name) and they had three kids: Josh, Corrine, and Kurt.

Melinda was married to David and they had Laura.

The first wife died and Melinda and David divorced.

Melinda married Keith and they had Sam (accidentally).

David married Barbara and they had Jessie.

David cheated on Barbara with Stephanie who ended up pregnant with twins (John and Yoko), even though she wasn't supposed to be able to have children. He is living with Stephanie at the beginning of the movie because Barbara kicked him out and is planning on divorcing him.

By the end of the movie, Stephanie and Josh are together and it implies that David and Barbara are going to try to work things out.

Those are the relationships in the movie.



the parents of the narriator are the artist guy with brown hair with that hippie girl stephanie and her mom is the one with the blonde curly hair that is married to keith now anything else lol


One thing i was wondering was,when sam called david to tell him about laura,did sam know where she was,and if so,how did he know this,as this wasnt explained in the film ? or if he didnt know where she was,how did david find out where she was ? that wasnt explained either


All this Bulls**t over StepKids?!?!?!?!

There's nothing not to get!

There's nothing to dicuss!

Just watch it without doing other things and pay attention!

It's a simple movie!!!

You people are talking about this movie like how the Terminator fans debate about time travel and weird stuff!



In order to understand the tangled mess that is their family you have to watch from the beginning it's not as confusing as you think. Laura explains it all as soon as the movie starts.

Where have all the good writers gone?


you seem to be retarded in my opinion. you obviously didnt pay attention to the damn movie otherwise you wouldnt be confused


In his defense, maybe he didn't catch the beginning. I've seen it before, so I knew the family relationships, but I'm just catching it in the middle right now on movieplex. If I had never seen it before, I would be as confused as heck.

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LOL all the relationships! One of my favorite scenes is when David is sketching the portrait of Laura for the police and all 3 women, 1st and 2nd wife and mistress are behind him admiring his work and poor Keith is asking to arrange the rooms and Melinda waves him off. Its one long shot, its perfect!

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