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Jennifer - That's my story and I'm sticking to it

"And the Sea Will Tell" is a fascinating book and certainly ranks as one of the best "true crime" stories I have ever read. Vincent Bugliosi is a fine writer, and is arguably one of the greatest criminal lawyers in the United States.

His defence of Jennifer was brilliant and I found his attention to detail in the portion of the book dealing with the trial to be thoroughly engrossing. It was fascinating to follow Bugliosi's tactics and strategy.

Now, as for Jennifer, all I can say is, she was lucky to have hired Bugliosi. There are many other lesser minds and lesser defence attorneys who would not have been able to craft a successful defence having only her vague story, with all its inconsistencies, to work with. That Buck Walker did the actual killings is without question, in my mind. However I do not believe Jennifer's story. I think she did play a part in the killings and was only spared having Buck testify against her because of his genuine love for her.


I must admit I did not read the book, but after reading your review I think I will.

I don't think that poor, sweet, cute, little Jennifer had a thing to do with it.

I'm sure she was aware after the fact of Buck's involvement.

I really liked this movie, and felt all the performances were quite good. The guy that played Buck was especially good.



I will admit i haven't seen this movie in some time, but i really don't recall the character, Jennifer being 'poor, and sweet.' The 'cute' part, i will agree with, but 'poor and sweet' also gives the impression of 'innocence', which, i don't think fit Jennifer's character, at all. I remember one of the men in court who had been on the island the same time she and Buck were, was testifying against her. He said his impression when he met her had been that he found her to be '..friendly.. a little too friendly, if you know what i mean..' I'm not quite sure what he meant by the last part, 'if you know what i mean', but i did think she came across as friendly, yes, but slightly conniving in the movie...not innocent.


I"ve seen this movie many times. If you listen to the prosecutor's summation, and what Buck had to do without Jennifer hearing, seeing or knowing anything about it, it's pretty hard to believe she's innocent unless she were rendered temporarily blind, paralyzed and deaf.

I guess we'll never know what really happened.

I like Bugliosi better as a prosecutor. He is truly a brilliant man and I loved reading how he built the case against Charles Manson in Helter Skelter. Fascinating reading.


“... what Buck had to do without Jennifer hearing, seeing or knowing anything about it, it's pretty hard to believe she's innocent unless she were rendered temporarily blind, paralyzed and deaf. ”

I just watched the movie and thought it was pretty good. Vincent Bugliosi is a brilliant lawyer and a great writer. I’m quoting part of your post because it made me think of our former mayor, Susan Golding. I live in San Diego. In 1991 she divorced her husband, Dick Silberman after he had been convicted of (attempted) laundering drug money. She claimed, during her campaign, she had no idea her husband was involved in such activity. And (this is the part I find hard to fathom), no one challenged her on the veracity of her statement. True, Silberman was brought down by an FBI sting operation, but they generally don’t go fishing without reason to believe they’ll catch something.

The voters of San Diego bought her claim of innocence and voted her in as mayor in 1992. No one has really ever questioned her on the subject of Silberman. It isn’t hard to believe for most people, if the “defendent” is the right person, be it Jennifer or Golding — or O.J. A pretty face (or sports notoriety) is worth at least 12 votes — if you have the right attorney(s).

You might find this mildly interesting, maybe amusing, but we in San Diego are still living with her legacy ...


But think about this...if Jennifer knew about the killings, WHY didn't they dump the bodies somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where there would NEVER be any chance of them being found? It doesn't make any sense dumping the bodies in the lagoon, unless Back had to hide it from Jennifer.


To answer your question, please be aware that Buck Walker will soon be publishing a book of the true events that occured on Palmyra Island. I personally know Mr. Walker, and in my opinion it is true shame of the amount of judical corruption occurs in our countries courthouses, especially in the federal system. I keep contact with Mr. Walker periodically, and assisting him in any way I can for the publishing of his book.

Feel free to contact me directly via email for updates on the progress of his book @ [email protected].


One day Mr. Walker will answer to God or a higher power for his crimes. He's a scum sucking pig and lucky to be out of prison. Slime ball!


Whats your scumbag friend doing these days, anyway, noglenice?

He's no doubt on some government paycheck that he never contributed to... social security.... ??? Or just welfare?

How many "books" has he sold to tell his "truth" ???? Maybe six or seven ! ??

Pass the word to him.... hes scum. And so is anyone who calls him a "friend." Or who attempts to help him sell his "book" by posting online here ....

The pig should still be in the cage.



You're right about that! There is little chance that any other attorney could have gotten Jennifer off, so she's lucky Vince believed her.

I got the impression that Jennifer firmly believed that the only thing her and Buck were guilty of was theft. I think her behavior mirrors that.

As far as "how could she not know"- Bugliosi himself talked about how hard it was to keep her focused on the trial, and that she was essentially always out in la-la land.



I think you give too much credit to the defense lawyers.

They know whats going on most of the time. Their "ethics" and claim to seek truth take a back seat to fame and money.

I sat on a jury once and literally watched the defense attorney nod his head "yes" and "no" in an attempt to help his "client" testify on the stand. While everyone else was watching the testimony, I was watching the defense attorney. Our eyes met and he understood that I was going to report him to the judge for illegal actions. He didn't care about truth. He just wanted his "client" to answer in the least damaging way. After I witnessed what he was doing, he called off the lawsuit hours later. The opposing side told me after court that the sleazy pig defense attorney cancelled in some legal way as to put the matter to rest and that he couldn't refile. He knew I'd report him to both the Judge and the State Bar.

Defense attorney's aren't much different that their "clients" .......


Bob, suppose you're in a room with Adolph H. , Stalin, and a lawyer. You have a gun but only 2 bullets. What do you do?

Shoot the lawyer. TWICE!


I'd be tempted to shoot the CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER twice.

Criminal defense lawyers are liars and schemers whose mommy paid their way through law school while everyone else had to work.


For me, it all boils down to me believing that there is no way that Buck could have pulled off these two grisly murders by himself without Stephanie knowing about it. He would have needed help getting the bodies in the water, especially if he transported them by Kodiak out a ways into the lagoon. IMO, she helped hide the bodies at the very least. She might have even helped separate Mac and Muff in order to make the killings easier.

I also think the hole in the Sea Wind was from a bullet hole. There might have been some kind of scuffle aboard the boat, or an ambush. I don't know if the FBI would have been able to test for blood on the boat back then.


All good thoughts.

I also believe she was involved. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if she had cooperated in getting the two victims apart so Buckeroooo could attack.

I had forgotten about the hole in the hull to which they claimed, I think, a swordfish had pierced the boat. Right. Like you said, a bullet hole would be far, far, far more likely that was then later bored out somehow to hide the true cause.


milana55, after reading your many posts and your firm belief in Jennifer/Stephanie's innocence, I have to tell you that I have a time share for sale. It's right outside of Skagway in Palinland.


If it's any interest to you, Buck Walker has released his book about the TRUE version of the tragedy that occured in Palmyra. Please visit his website @ Enjoy!!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me @ [email protected] OR [email protected]


Buck Walker's lapdog reduced to spamming every thread re: this TV movie on IMDb to promote the ex-con, convicted murderer's book?


I wasn't aware that criminals were permitted to profit from their crimes, and this book was released while Walker was in jail.

How 'bout some restitution from the profits of this tome to the Graham family at least for the boat Walker and Stearns stole, eh? Or does Walker & Co. believe that Walker's claim of Mrs. Graham's purported "hot pants" for him means they are morally (*cough!*) entitled to keep the money the way Walker tried to argue he and his girlfriend were entitled to keep the boat once Mr. and Mrs. Graham were conveniently "disappeared"?

Not everyone here is as big a sucker as Stephanie Stearns made herself out to be.


It's laughable that Muff Graham would have anything to do with the likes of scumbag Buck Walker. If he was anything like the actor who played him in the movie, I am sure Muff was repulsed by him.

Jennifer is guilty as sin. The book showed her to be even more guilty than the movie did. Vince knew she was guilty, but since he was getting paid and it was a high profile case with great potential for a book and movie deal, then he didn't care...even though he tried to convince his readers that he did.

As for her being in la-la land all the time, I don't buy that either. She was grounded enough in reality to be able to hold down a very high paying job. At the time the book was written, she was making in excess of $100,000 a year, had her own secretary, a nice house, etc.

This woman is a calculating, smart person. If the book told the truth, she was able to navigate that boat after just reading a couple of books. She calls herself a dumb bimbo in the movie. A bimbo yes, way.


I went to the website via the link provided.

The writing is amaturish but disguised to be professional. And, as you might expect, he wants to tell "his version of reality." lol. What a sleazy jerk.

Some tidbits to clue you in NOT to buy his junk.

Like all criminals, the sleazy scum fathered a child so his defect genetics continue with us.
He says the federal marshals wanted "payback since he made them look like the fools they were."
Like the stupid pig he is, he was sentenced to prison at age 18 for armed robbery.
At age 69... he obviously doesn't have the courage to admit truth. He spins the story to his advantage.

He should have been kept in the cage like others of his defective genetic type. Why did they let him out?



I read the book and I think that anyone who did really finds it hard to believe that Jennifer didn't know what was going on. They were four people on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere and Buck and Jennifer had a small camp that wasn't too far away from the Graham's boat. There must have been some sort of noise or commotion and Buck had to have been gone for a while to murder two people and dispose of their bodies. Are we supposed to believe that she slept through it or never went out to find Buck? She may have been a little dippy but would anyone really believe that the Grahams just disappered and left their boat for the taking. It has been a couple of years since I read the book so maybe I'm forgetting something.

As far as Buck's book about the "truth". Why should we believe what's said by him? We know the truth: he murdered two people. Whether Jennifer helped or not is a moot point because she had a good lawyer and got off. He was the architect of it all.


"She may have been a little dippy..."

I'm not sure that she was. She was able to master the navigation tables and sextant to find her way to a tiny island when most people would have had trouble doing that. She also apparently succeeded very, very well in a career (my interpretation: she had the ability to cheat, lie, steal, manipulate, screw over, and anything else to come out in front at the expense of other innocent people around her in the workplace).

She was smart... just a sleazy type who enjoyed hanging out with other sleazy types. But smart.

Our prisons are FULL of very, very smart people.... but they're genetic defects just the same. They can't control themselves even though they think they are in control.

I'd like to find her... just to meet her & see the real person. But she's hidden herself very well.


I suppose you're right. She is smart. Look how easy she makes people (ahem myself) think she's dippy. :)


I can't recall details of the story... its been a while.

What made you call her dippy ? The story still fascinates me. I just told another person about it two days ago.

Just so you know, I spoke with the last owner of Mac & Muff's boat :) It sank due to neglect in Hawaii and was scrapped. During and after the investigation, it was tied up in legal affairs.... and then it was just an old boat that nobody wanted. It was wood. I have a photo of it in dry dock prior to its demise. And ... the killer.... Buck baby..... was paroled from Federal Prison last year.


I did hear that Buck was paroled. I can't really point to one thing that made me see her as dippy. It's just her whole persona throughout the book made her appear to be off in another world. Someone else mentioned on another post somewhere here how Bugliosi had to constantly keep her focused on the trial because she always seemed to be off in la la land somewhere. That was the impression I always had when reading the book. I'd actually like to see the movie and see how she's portrayed.


I just checked NetFlix for you.. doesn't look like they have it, surprisingly. I might have missed it, though.

But the movie portrays her as opposite from what you describe, if i remember right. She isn't portrayed as a loon at all that I can recall.

I searched high & low for photos of both of them & could only find a court room photo of Buck from a distance... and her on the stolen boat itself as they were headed back to Hawaii.

But if I had to guess as to her real personality, I'd say she was just a sleazy flake back then who matured and learned how to game people in more devious ways. Flake, meaning, too ignorant to comprehend the seriousness of what she was a party to in hanging out with a fugitive, druggie, and ultimately, killer. I knew a serious flake once. She was really smart... but just laughed at what most people consider serious. And her life was all screwed up to the point of being a nightmare. My guess is that Jennifer was like that... but I'd LOVE to find more information about both her & Buckerooooo.

Did the book have any good photos of them?


Yes the book does actually have some good photos in general but only one of her. The hardcover I have is an original pressing from 1991 that was owned by my grandmother. I ended up with a couple of boxes of all of her books when she passed away and what's funny is that she always wrote her name and the year she got the book on the inside flap and she had '91 written in it.

Most of the pictures are mainly of the island itself. There's a few of Buck which show him in various stages of aliases during his criminal life. In one he's even dressed as a priest. The picture of Jennifer gives her the impression of being a young, naive beach girl type in contrast to Buck's more older, scruffy appearance. I think you hit the nail on the head by saying she was too ignorant to comprehend the seriousness of what she was a party to and I also knew someone like that. She's smart and works in child psychiatry but made the worst personal decisions in relationships. Flake is a good word to use.

Other pictures in the book include a couple of the Grahams who appear to be more '50s movie star types. Mac's like a Rock Hudson/Clark Gable looking guy. You can only imagine what was going through their heads when these two (and I don't want to sound judgemental by appearance, it's just that we know the outcome of the two parties meeting, but...) lowlifes come rolling in with their beaten down boat and hardly any food and here the Grahams are living in luxury.

There's also a picture of the woman who I think was an archeologist sitting by the bones she found in the sunken crate with Muff's remains.


Yep. I think I browsed through the book for the photos. I think somewhere there was something mentioned about the other boaters leaving & it wasn't a good thing for Mac & Muff to remain behind, alone, with Buckerooo.

Another story that just concluded in Southern California was similar. Did you hear about that? A man & his wife, both good looking like Mac & Muff, had their boat up for sale.... and five or so low lifes pretended to want to test the boat out... and dumped the couple over the side ALIVE and tied to an anchor. They all just got convicted. The entire affair was merely to steal the boat. Just like in Mac & Muff's case. They never found the bodies, of course. But they did convict the five which is a realllllly good thing. The really odd thing was that the man was a retired, career, probation officer who should have had alarm bells going off in his head over the five people.... but I guess after all those years of dealing with criminals... he lost his sense of people.

And, another story out of Florida... same thing. The owners of the boat were hired by two fugitives... to take them out... and got murdered and dumped over the side. The killers are / were convicted, I think.

The ocean is a scary enough place just on its own.... but there are people out there who know there is no 911 for you to call for help.


I didn't hear about either of those stories and I imagine even with technology today you can still be far enough out to sea to lose all lines of communication with the outside world. I know Mac had top of the line equipment on his boat but if I remember correctly he couldn't get much reception on his radio which was why Muff had a letter sent back to her sister with the other boaters you mentioned claiming she feared for her life.


Here is a news clip of one of the stories... the one that took place in Southern California.,2933,441782,00.html

As for technology today, I don't think there is anywhere on the planet where you can't be connected electronically. A young guy soloing around the world right now gets emails and such routinely from his family despite being in the middle of the ocean.


You're the only person I've heard of who had any thought at all as to the field she finally got herself into.

You said, " works in child psychiatry. "

Psychiatry indicates medical training as in medical school graduation. I doubt she was able to get through medical school. She might have had the IQ, but not the focus nor the interest.

I think you mean " works in child PSYCHOLOGY " .... but that conflicts with other statements by other people that she made big bucks. Child psychologists usually work for a Government entity... and Government workers, even "experts," don't make big money.

If you read this, I'd be interested to know why you thought she was in that field.