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Pictures of the Grahams (or the killers)

Has anyone had any luck finding any pictures of Mac & Muff Graham? I can only find one tiny one, which you can barely see them. How can there not be ANY MORE out here on the net? I've only found two of Stephanie and a few of Buck. Any one know where I can see some better photos? Thanks!


Let me know if you're successful in finding better pics.

The only one I could find of the killer (dirtbag "buck") was in a Courtroom appearance from a distance.

The only one I could find of the slut was her on the boat in a bad angle.


there are a couple of pictures of Mac and muff in the book. There are three different photos of Buck in the book. I have seen one picture of Stephanie. She wasn't a very attractive woman at all, extremely homely.

Rachel Ward was a huge improvement over Stephanie. Not to be mean, but in the movie, Rachel Ward and the guy who played buck were not a good pairing. The real Buck and Stephanie were. They were both very unattractive looking people.