Is Buck Walker dead?

I read online in a post someone made that he passed away...can
anyone confirm?


I saw this in the Honolulu star bulletin today june 2

Wesley G. "Buck" Walker, who served 22 years in federal prison for a murder on Palmyra Atoll that led to a best-selling novel and television miniseries "And the Sea Will Tell," has died in California at age 72.

He died April 26, according to the Lake County Records Office.

Walker had lived in a trailer in the forest in Willits, Calif., until suffering a stroke.

His landlady, who only uses her last name Parker, said by telephone when Walker responded to her rental ad on Craigslist, "he was very clear in saying he was a wrongly convicted murderer who had just spent 22 years in jail.

"One thing he said was he had a parole officer and you would always get your rent on time."

Walker, then known as Duane "Buck" Walker, and his girlfriend, Stephanie Stearns, were arrested in Honolulu after sailing in a yacht stolen on Palmyra from Malcolm "Mac" and wife Eleanor "Muff" Graham of San Diego.

The couples met in 1974 on the remote Palmyra Island, 1,100 miles south of Honolulu. The Grahams were on the yacht Sea Wind and Walker and Sterns on a leaky boat named Iola.

Walker and Stearns were convicted initially of theft. Stearns served seven months of a two-year sentence and Walker 42 months of a 10-year sentence before escaping. He was arrested later in drug charges in Arizona.

No one knew what happened to the owners of the Sea Wind until 1981 when Muff Graham's bones were found on Palmyra. Malcolm Graham's body was never found.

Walker, who lived on the Big Island in the early 1970s, was convicted of murder in 1985 and served 22 years of a life sentence in a prison in Victorville, Calif., near Los Angeles. He was released on parole weeks before his 70th birthday on Sept. 18, 2007.

Stearns was acquitted of the murders. Her attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, wrote a book about the case, "And the Sea Will Tell." It was made into a 1991 TV movie starring James Brolin and Rachel Ward.

Not in my right mind and proud of it


Good riddance. I just hate to hear what a wonderful and successful life Stephanie led after her trial.


I read the book when it came out. I watched the made for TV movie. I will never, ever believe that Stephanie/Jennifer wasn't involved from the very beginning. She wasn't a stupid woman or suffering from battered spouse syndrome by Buck Walker. She knowingly and willingly participated from the start and is/was as equally responsible for the deaths of Mac and Muff Graham.

Of course I don't know this for a fact, it is only my belief. Like others, I'm appalled she went free and was able to live a financially successful life. I hope every dollar she earned caused her pain and suffering.

Two nasty people who should rot in hell for what they did.


I didn't know until now ... glad to hear it.

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Stuck in purgatory.