This needs to be said

First off, this movie is so bad I have to watch it every time it is on. But, the following needs to be pointed out.

1) It appears that the champion ( Dennard ) fights every other week. Ridiculous !!

2) The fights apparently are fought in a banquet hall...or maybe a VFW, Wow !!

3) The spectators at all these championship fights are MOSTLY senior citizens. Very unusual.

4) The referee at the final fight is possibly the most hysterical figure I have ever seen. Not only does he dance around as they are fighting, but basically Dennard is helpless laying on the ropes and does nothing !! His performance is the cherry on the top of this classic. If you watch this, please focus on the ref. You wont be disappointed.

5) Would a newspaper reporter really act that obnoxious throughout every press conference he attends ?? Absolutely an overkill on being a wise guy.

These are just a few points that make me never turn off this movie. Granted, these guys are in great shape and are talented fighters, but this could not be more laughable. And that fact that American Kickboxer 2 is NOT the sequel just makes you love the people that make these movies.