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Great marketing and editng of the trailer

The trailer edited this movie to be an action extravaganza, and mislead the viewer into thinking BJ committed the illegal kick in the ring, when really it was a careless punch at a party.

Secondly the poster is really great, makes the film out to be this patriotic epic when in reality it was filmed abroad in South Africa for budgetary reasons.

I think the marketing/editing department did a great job and I wouldn't be surprised if the people involved are still working in Hollywood today. It's definitely stuff worthy of long careers in the business.

The production as a whole definitely deserves for analysis. Hopefully someone interviewas someone from on it on a podcast or a proper BluRay is released with bonus interviews and a commentary track.

This is a great example of a dramatic movie that essentially ripped on Rocky 4. It featured a montage sequence when BJ's girlfriend drove away in the Corvette, which directly mirrored the sequence in Rocky 4 where Sly drives his car whilst the 'No Easy way' out montage features scenes from previous movies. BJ even has a similar vernacular to Sly and wears Sly's sunglasses from Cobra. Rambo is even mentioned in one of the scenes and the closing shot of the film mirrors the one in Rocky 4 where Sly is lifted in the ring by his supporters and is covered in blood.

Anyway I think the film is worthy of a deeper objective analysis. In particular how it was successfully sold and attained world wide distribution as a result of a good marketing approach and very competent editorial team.