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Question about syndication?

I understand that Blossom is back on TV and I'm very happy! I recorded the series, but I was wondering if they would be playing the episodes in order? Because right now it does not seem like they aren't


Some are in order, but the next day, they arent. I just watched the one where Blossom leaves for Paris to see her mom and later today they have the first 2 episodes of season 4, but later tonight they go back to season 2 episodes 19 and 20


This is an interesting situation...

The show was originally picked up when the channel was THE HUB in 2014 - the network, being aimed at kids and teen-angers would pull any episodes that had elements that they felt were not "safe". They did with with EVERY show - Facts of Life, Family Ties and even Batman (4 episodes with comical portraits of Native Americans)

Jump ahead to now - Discovery Family has unused "runs" of a good number of episodes of BLOSSOM they need to use up and those are the ones they are running. This is a good 30-40 episodes!

This is why they are running the show At 3am/3:30am in addition to the weekend runs.

The question is WHEN do these runs are used up/expire and will they run the rest of the series, or drop it.

It will be interesting if the show will still be on next month


I wrote a very similar post about this situation a few weeks ago. I agree the episodes are NOT in order and all jumbled up!! They keep showing the same episodes week after week after week. One night I watch and she is in Paris, then the following night, she is younger and has not even met Vinny?! It's very frustrating.

I have stopped watching, because if I see the Disneyland one again Or the Ruby one, or the very worst about the home movies I will scream. It's repetitious and boring.

They should "finish out" till the last episode, THEN start it over from the beginning, I mean no one knows what happens! They really need to get it together at their scheduling dept. No one wants too see the same episodes three times a week. I stopped watching..I am sure many others have too. It's a shame it's a very good show and this problem is ruining it! Does anyone agree? I hope they can solve this.


If you want to see all the episodes in order, do what I do. The entire series is available on YouTube.

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There's airing order and production order. Sometimes episodes are shot out of order (they shoot episode 9 before episode 7). When series go into syndication, sometimes they use the production order instead of airdate order. I have no idea why this happens, but it does.

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