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The show was really getting back on track in order. They even showed a few new ones I had never seen for I imagine the 94/95 season....and they were great!! Please continue more 1993 and boring Paris....we have seen them so much now I just tune it out. Want too see Finola Hughes and Ricks love affair and Anthony's new wife....and what happens to Vinie and Blossom! Please start showing the new ones...we deserve it!


I hated the Paris episodes. far too many of them. what pissed me off: she was kind of thinking about moving in with her no-moving mouth and crazy tight curls! and then that goes bust [thank god] so she moves back to the States.

I just never knew Blossom's reasoning for wanting to be with her mother who basically abandoned her, her moronic but lovable brother and her rehab gorgeous brother and her father. who does that?

Oh God. Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more.


Even if it's not in your best interest you always wonder what it could be if you live with the other parent. Probably doesn't hurt that she lives in Paris.

Also it gave them a chance to do 4 ep arc in Paris. Was this a made for TV movie that they split up into 4 parts for syndication?

I was ok with the Paris eps except for Vinnie being there.