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Was Anthony's drug pot?

Was Anthony's drug problem just pot and alcohol? Wow, what a bad ass... Lol.


From what i gathered, He would take anything he could get his hands on. Joey made it clear that "Tony has taken every drug known to mankind"



correct. they didn't mention anything worse than pot because of the time and the fact that it was a family show.

his main thing was alcohol. easiest thing to get a hold of.

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One of Anthony's drugs was pot. Early in season 2, Nick was upset when he found a joint on the couch, and his first suspect was Buzz but then he went to Anthony, and there's an exchange about his past pot usage.

It turns out someone stashed the joint in Joey's backpack, but then he loses it on the bus and it's found by Blossom and Six.

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blossom's drug was fashion.

six's drug was old guys

dad's drug was chubby women

joey's drug was boobs and cuddling

mom's drug was singing to herself

buzz's drug was breaking into homes

and tony's drug was woman of color


I'm pretty sure it was heroin. He didn't say the h word straight out but no one referred to pot as "dope" which is what he'd often say. Heroin was commonly referred to as dope back in the day & based on the stories he'd tell about being high, I'm sure he was a heroin junkie.


I remember the infamous saved by the bell episode where the Hollywood star was doing an antidrug commercial, Johnny something. Lol. Anyway, at the end, they had Zack and the gang do the commercial with Mr Belding's buddy, Brandon Tartikoff. At the end they said 'there's no hope with dope' and I believe that they were talking about the evil marijuana. Your comment made me think of that.


You have to remember pot was the worst drug you could get hooked on during the 80s and 90s. This is your brain on drugs commercials. On the show he was addicted to pot, lol, but it was a different time. Now he be stuck on pills or heroin.


I'm pretty sure cocaine was all the rage in the 80's and heroin was the staple of the 90's.

As for Tony's addiction - in the season one episode where they go to the lake to recreate old memories, Tony apologizes to Joey for not being there while their parent's marriage was falling apart. According to Tony, he started with alcohol, moved on to pot, and soon, he took anything and everything he could get his hands on.

They never explicitly said heroin or cocaine or acid, but there are multiple references in season one to 'every drug he could get'.


Blossom looked like a real acid head


In the episode where Tony goes to the horse track with Buzz he says the first time he got high he remembers the feeling of the rush of wind because he was dropping acid on a rollercoaster.


no one referred to pot as "dope"

Older people call pot "dope" and I'm pretty sure the writers on this show would have been from the generation that would have used "dope" to mean pot, not heroin.

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it was implied it was stronger than pot--since he had to get his life back together. Even in Jr high I knew that pot did not cause your life to 'fall apart entirely'

....which is interesting him being able to become a paramedic if you then think about it. California apparently then had second chance laws (did they?) since he is around everything on the clock....