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why is Blossom not on anymore??

UGH just when they finally started airing ALL of Blossom, including each season, especially season 5 which they kept skipping before, and just when it was really fun having the routine of watching blossom every day & having something to look forward to, now they take it off the air again? it hasnt been on since the holidays. & even after the holidays its still not on. are they gonna bring this show back soon?


I've noticed that too. What is the channel that they were on? I'd email them asking why they did this.

On POP T.V. they did the same thing with Beverly Hills 90210. Replaced it with the Love Boat of all things. Enough people must have complained because 90210 was back on shortly, and The Love Boat was off. Hopefully if enough of us complain that can happen here.