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murderers row of people that should have been the Joker

Wild At Heart is a murderers’ row of people that should’ve been the Joker instead of Jared Leto. (Admittedly, this is a very broad demographic.) Obviously there’s Willem Dafoe, who’s been fancast as the Clown Prince of Crime since the late 80’s. He will actually be in DC movies as … Vulko, Atlantis’s top scientist? I’m getting flashbacks to when Krusty was rejected for the evil clown role in the Radioactive Man film but cast as a pirate. Nicholas Cage has been very hit or miss, but I sense he’d turn in an electrifying performance as Mr. J. Crispin Glover would just have to be himself. I’m not just thinking of its dudes either. Laura Dern would be a very unorthodox pick, but I have faith in her. If I’m found dead, the cause will probably be from mainlining Isabella Rossellini as the Joker. Ah, yes … that’s the classy stuff!

I'm almost clever!


Willem Dafoe would have been a brilliant Joker