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Fan of the movie, but mildy disappointed in DVD

This has been a favorite movie of mine for several years, and until recently was only able to watch it on VHS. As most of you fans know, the DVD is out of print and used DVD's are pricey. I got lucky recently and found a used DVD on for $30, which is cheaper than I usually see it. I'm usually too frugal to spend that much on any DVD, let alone a used one. So it was an uncharacteristic splurge for me. Upon receiving it in the mail, I was also fortunate to find that the DVD is in very good condition. Plays just fine.

But one thing that disappoints me somewhat: the colors seem just a little but dull, especially skin tones. The image has a slightly harsh, metallic sort of look. I never thought I'd say this, but I think I like watching my old VHS tape better! I'm not usually too picky about such things, but I have to admit I'm noticing it here. The DVD appears to be genuine; I don't think it's a counterfeit.

I probably will continue to watch my old VHS, as long as the tape holds up. But it's still nice to know I have it on DVD. Hope they re-release it some day with a better transfer job.


Well, thats weird. I can't believe its discontinued. I'm glad i got my copy when i did. I'd better get the rest of the Hal Hartley movies on DVD or Blu-Ray (if we're lucky) while i still can.

Sorry to hear that about your copy. I haven't watched mine in a while so i couldn't tell you if thats just how it is. I remember that i liked mine just fine. Too bad there isn't an easy way for me to just copy it for you and send it. I mean, there is a way, i can just do it but you know, i don't know you and all that stuff... :)

Anyway, i just looked on Amazon and there is a copy for 21 bucks.