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20th Anniversary DVD now available

The Unbelievable Truth 20th Anniversary DVD

The Unbelievable Truth 20th Anniversary Edition DVD is now available exclusively from The Unbelievable Truth was first released in North America by Miramax Films in 1990 following its highly successful screenings at the Toronto and Sundance film festivals. It was a popular release worldwide and came to represent the freshness and audacity of smaller-budgeted independently financed films from America.

The DVD includes a brand-new documentary detailing the making of The Unbelievable Truth, and the 20 years of filmmaking that followed. We posted a highlight of the documentary on our website; a manic, 2-minute montage of Hal's entire filmmaking career, narrated by DJ Mendel. The documentary also features interviews with many Hartley regulars, including an interview with Hal & Adrienne Shelly on-camera together in 2005.

I might not get the DVD just yet, but rest assured, it's on my list.


thanks for the info

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You're welcome. :)