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The unbelievable truth (spoilers)

In the film I heard this as a line read by Audry from a book entitled "The End of the World". In the line she reads, the unbelievable truth was how much a person could be reduced in a drastic set of circumstances. This relates somewhat to Josh and Pearl but I think it goes beyond them too. The unbelievable truth is not just that Josh's crimes were accidental rather than 'mass murder'. It's about character when faced with challenge and adversity where most people fold and are reduced but as the film shows ... not all. I think this is why many ask Josh if he's a priest; he has an aura that belies his sad life.

I loved this film. My favourite Hal Hartley thus far; my other two viewings, which I enjoyed immensely, were Trust and Amateur. It was funny, very funny, with great characters and whimsy. Unlike others the dvd I saw was good quality, perhaps the distributors have improved it. Colours were accented well and so we had beautiful contrasts in landscape but also skin, e.g. between Pearl and Audry.

Movement ends, intent continues;
Intent ends, spirit continues