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Maybe Not News - Blu-Ray, DVD, Streaming Available on AMAZON

I just ran across this title, and noticed there has not been any update on the movie availability, so I will add this post.

AMAZON.COM has this movie on Region 1 DVD and Region 2.
It also has streaming rental and purchase versions.
And, it has a Blu-Ray version as well.

A quick check on eBay today shows only one copy on laserdisc is listed for sale.


P.S. I can only read the various comments as meaning this director may be something of an acquired taste. It has been years ago, but an exchange student's mother HIGHLY recommended the movie WOMEN OF THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, from Spain. I enjoyed that, and it was engaging in its level of over-acting/reacting, so, is this movie anything like that one?
I would hate to drop almost $20 on something I do not enjoy, and the lack of copies listed on eBay makes me wonder if there is no market for them, or if the people with a copy keep it.
Any comments?


Its on Amazon on Blu-ray.


Also available for viewing on Amazon Prime. Great movie!