Just discovered this film!

Just stumbled across this movie after watching several Jim Wynorski 80's flicks (I'd only seen a few but have fallen in love with some of his awesome campy cheesefests now), and Transylvania Twist is probably the best movie in terms of movie making of the lot.

Genuinely very funny in places, tons of references (both obvious and really obscure), and a genuine sense of joy and fun. In fact, I watched it having come back from the cinema watching a current modern "blockbuster" and Transylvania Twist was the movie I far enjoyed more, to be honest. I miss that movie era!

I can't believe this movie isn't better known. I like Jim's films, but most are fairly niche horror or sci-fi low budget camp... But This one IMO is up there with at least Top Secret or the Airplane and Naked Gun movies as a fantastic spoof of a specific genre. Certainly miles ahead of the later Dracula spoof (Dead and Loving It) that tried (and IMO failed) to do a similar thing.

Just a fun, funny, enjoyable movie experience that took me back to the days when I first saw The Naked Gun movies, and I wish I'd found this film sooner... though I get a lot more references now that I would of back then!