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Cast a shot-for-shot remake

The Colin Farrell movie was an 7-couric turd, but maybe Gus Van Sant could be persuaded to do a Psycho-style shot for shot remake?

Doug - Tom Hardy
Melina - Nathalie Emmanuel
Lori - Charlize Theron (a fun mirror image of their roles in Mad Max)
Cohaagen - Jeremy Irons (too easy)
Richter - Tom Hiddleston (I get chills thinking of him saying "not a chance" in Doug's apartment at the beginning)
George/Kuato - Ed Harris
Benny - John C. Reilly
Helm - Paul Bettany ("no, I'm sure she hated every minute of it!" His delivery of this would be perfect)
Dr. Edgemar - Stanley Tucci

and the one role I am 100% certain about...the part he was born to play...

Bob McClane - Bob Odenkirk


Well you're right about Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. We know they're down to do a shameful reboot.

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do a Psycho-style shot for shot remake?

that sounds equally terrible.

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Like Psycho it would be unwatchable.

A shot for shot remake is like adapting Shakespeare.


Margot Robbie for Lori


“Implying” the Psycho remake was successful... heh. Getting Van Sant to remake Total Recall shot-to-shot as he did with Psycho is anything but a good idea. But looking at how we already got a forgettable remake, then why not. Plus the casting is perfect, I’ll give the OP that. Hardy and Theron reunited in similarily badass roles? Sounds lovely.

If I had to make a few changes though, I’d go with this:

Doug - Chris Hemsworth
Lori - Gal Gadot
Melina - Tessa Thompson
Richter - Frank Grillo or David Harbour
George/Kuato - Bradley Cooper
Cohaagen - Benjamin Bratt
Benny - Rob Morgan
Dr. Edgemar - Toby Jones
Dr. Lull - Sharon Stone in a cameo


Sex change time! Let's make it interesting with a complete cast/character reversal (obviously character names would need to be changed, e.g, Doug becomes Diana, etc...)

Doug - Samantha Morton (Underrated actress)
Melina - Adam Driver
Lori - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Cohaagen - Viola Davis (safe bet)
Richter - Olivia Williams
George/Kuato - Joan Allen
Benny - Mellissa McCarthy (not sure about this one...)
Helm - Natascha McElhone
Dr. Edgemar - Elizabeth Moss
Bob McClane - Kristin Scott Thomas (she'lll have a lot of fun with this)

Now THAT would be a remake I'd line up to watch... Give the women proper roles, both villian and otherwise, not just idealised heroins...


Have an actor saying all the Arnold one liners with a normal american accent.


Gal Gadot for Melina.