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Long overdue for a special / collector's edition!

This is one those films I've been dying to see get a special edition ever since DVD took off. Nowadays we have the likes of Arrow and Shout Factory, releasing everything from mainstream films to undiscovered gems – all loaded with extras! It's about time TMNT got the same treatment. Audio commentaries, a feature-length making of documentary, deleted scenes, photo galleries, behind the scenes footage – all that good stuff!

I know the German Blu-ray has a commentary and deleted scenes, but it just isn't enough.

Edit: There's a rumour that Warner's rights to the film have expired since they were only the distributor. I imagine the rights will revert back to Golden Harvest, whose catalogue of films are owned by Fortune Star – meaning Shout Factory could probably pick it up since they have released a few Fortune Star titles in the past.


I agree a classic movie like this needs to have lots of special features and shouldn't be released as a barebones DVD.