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Forgotten really really good film

WoW! This hit before Goodfellas, made zero splash being a NY gangster film. Ive never ever heard of it before and watched it tonight after diving into Sean Penns back catalogue with the last film I watched being- At Close Range (1986) which was pretty good to, but not half as good on this on many levels.

Sean Penn, Gary Oldman (on top of his game), Ed Harris, John Tuturro, John C Reilly, Burgess Meredith and others, all turn up and put on great performances. Acting, directing, editing, story and the cinematography are all stellar. The shots of NY City look amazing, but the cinamatog is carried on through the slower scenes in doors. It looks so good and every shot is busy. I cant believe ive never heard or saw this one before nor is it talked about.

Truly a forgotten movie, maybe a forgotten classic, but who knows. Thats just my opinion.

Check out my list of forgotten movies, being constantly updated as I revisit old ones I haven't seen in years or discover after I delve into actors, actresses, directors portfolios or from podcast recommendations of movies I may have missed.

I'm debating whether to put Lethal Weapon on the list because its almost becoming a forgotten classic.


Yeah i agree this is a pretty awesome movie that i've seen a few times, it just has so much good action and suspense.


Its a strong recommend from me, it has so many elements that are good as above from the script, directing, cinematography, casting and the acting. The main one is an early, raw, Gary Oldman performance. He is definitely one of the greats, his early work is amazing and this film proves it once again.


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