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Horrible Story, Horrendous Script

Fine, even exceptional acting and directing, but that can't make up for a truly ridiculous story.

Were we actually supposed to believe any of this was a remotely feasible scenario? A complete insult to intelligence.


agreed. The whole in-love with Jackies sister was just not needed, or simply not fleshed out enough.

Even the friendship with Jackie...

There was no establishment of the relationship between terry Jackie and Frankie....

I was like, why do these gusy even care about each other? and why does Jackie thing Terry is his BFF, Kathleen wanting to have his babys first time they see each other, yet frankie seems to be clueless about him?

Completly spastic.


Performances and direction is all it really has going for it. With that in mind, I can overlook the not so compelling story and appreciate the movie for its strong points.

You want something corny? You got it!


The ending was crappy, the rest of the movie was great.