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SPOILERS on my take of the ending

Okay, so spoilers......

Am I missing something, or does anyone else think Barbara is lying to Rusty at the end? I think she wanted to frame him for the murder. I keep thinking this is how it was supposed to be implied but everywhere I read we are supposed to take her at face value with her speech at the end.

The ending stats she had left enough evidence for Rusty to know that she committed the crime, but did not anticipate him being charged with the murder. I think she did.

- She used his semen and injects it into the victim. She had no idea Carolyn's tubes were tied.
- She put his prints on the glass and leaves it as evidence.
- She knew he lusted after her, presumably knew he had been calling from the house.
- She knew he had no alibi the night of her death.
- He never did suspect her, even though she says he would know she did it. Why?
- Last but certainly not least... she hid the murder weapon, with hair and blood still on it, back in the house in an obvious place.

She must assume the frame would take and they would search the house after finding the glass. They would certainly look in the basement and find it easily. How does she know Rusty's buddy would be the lead investigator and hid evidence? Any other cop would see Rusty's prints and arrest on the spot.

Barbara says she would have admitted the truth at the end. No way. I think if she had gotten on the stand she would have continued the frame, somehow implicating Rusty even more. Perhaps she would have produced the murder weapon, saying she found it or something. We will never know because it never got that far.

This is a very smart woman as they clearly imply throughout the movie. I think the whole time she was planning on Rusty being nailed and going to jail. She wouldn't have known about the judge and the bribing, which certainly helped get Rusty off. Her one slip-up was not knowing a young woman like Carolyn having her tubes tied. Why would she?

In the end Barbara would have the new job (remember she was finally wrapping up her dissertation and interviewed) and started a new life as a professor, her revenge complete with Carolyn dead and her husband behind bars.


In the book, Lipranza came to the same conclusion when Rusty took him into his confidence after showing him the glass. Rusty doubted it and refuses to take his son from his mother.