Her ages....

How old were Suzzane and Doris supposed to be? By the time Meryl and Shirley made this movie they were 40 and 56... But Meryl seems way too younger...
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I agree---- that's actually why I came on this site, to look up their ages. It was kind of ambiguous in the film, which I guess was a good thing. But the story makes me think of starlets like Lindsay Lohan, who are much younger than 40. The character seems to be written in her 20's. But hey, she even said so herself, she doesn't have a generation. :)


Suzzane is supposed to be in her 40's and Doris is supposed to be in her early 60's. I know this because during the middle of the movie, the two have a conversation. Suzanne says "I'm middle-aged". Doris responds by saying "Youre not middle-aged, I'm middle-aged.". Then Suzzane asks Doris something about "How many 120 year old women do you know." (which means she's in her early 60's).
So yeah, they were pretty much playing their true ages in the movie.

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I have not read the book.

But, if it helps... Carrie Fisher went into rehab in 1984 at age 28. She dropped out of "Clue"(1985) in order to complete rehab.

She took a job as a cop in a B movie called "Hollywood Vice Squad" straight out of rehab, which inspired Suzzane's movie "L.A. Beat" in "Postcards..."

She published a series in Esquire (?) in the mid 80's. They were then expanded into a novel and at the age on 31. Fisher released "Postcards..."

I think it's safe to say that Suzanne is supposed to be between 30 and 40. Meryl looks about being 35.

Thats no surprise though. I saw her in the extended promo for "Into the Woods" and dispute the make-up she looks amazing, still.


Suzanne described herself as middle age so I doubt she's playing someone in her 20s. Her character is about Streep's age.