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What bothers me most about this movie

Is that it is an absolute fantastic premise for a film, that unfortunately didn't execute. There are many plot holes in the film. It's a movie with outstanding potential that just didn't live up to what it could have been. It had so many great ideas, but most that ended on a Rabbit trail.

What I appreciated about the movie the most was the character relationship between Charles and Billy. I believed very strongly in the bond between the two of them. Throughout the entire film, up until Charles's death I believe that he truly loved Billy and thought of him as his real son. My two favorite parts in the film are when Charles and Billy bond in the attic and then when Charles has a choice between giving Billy up to Florence or trying to save Billy's life at the risk of his own. That to me shows unconditional love, that a father would show a son.

I'm very shocked that not more people enjoyed this element of the film.

However, most of the rest of the movie bothered me in that there was so much potential to really make this what it should have been.

Only one other movie has ever bothered me like this one does in that it's idea is so superb but it's execution is not.

I've love to see this movie redone and redone in the sense that the story is told without holes and rabbit trails.

Anyone else with me?