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Explaination with spoilers - there were 3!

A few summaries seem to be confused. There were a total of 3 children. The first child, the original Tommy, who was actually Florences son, died by falling out a window, due to a dog jumping on him. The second child (I don't remember his name), was a kidnapped child who was pushed down a flight of stairs and killed when he remembered who he really was. Finally, there was Billy/Tommy, who was kidnapped at 2 or 3 years, and started to remember memories from his old home/playground around the age of 10.


This explains everything thanks, The newspaper article of the death of Florence & Charles's first Tommy wasn't pushed out the window by them only by the dog & thats why Florence & Charles don't want one. However Billy Sedgewick/Tommy Tulane, had a memory of when his real Mom said at the Kessin Place Playground in Brooklyn "Don't let the dog get it" that is the ball before he went on that sliding pond & Florence grabbed him from the bottom.

The second child which Charles met in the woods was very smart when he found out he was kidnapped that Florence pushed down the stairs & that one was their Billy & that was the accidental death that was in the cemetary in Pennsylvania.

Plus after Florence and Charles kidnapped Billy from that Brooklyn playground, they doctored original Tommy's birth certificate & changed the year by a digit to make sure that he was their originally legal Tommy.

I understand now.