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Sarah Rose Karr's Acting Debut

This was her first foray into showbiz, and she played Emma.

She later did a young Annie Banks in Father Of The Bride as well as Emily Newton from the 90's Beethoven films (also made by Ivan Reitman).

No clue why her acting career was short-lived, but from a personal life standpoint, it makes sense.

Her last movie where she played Stacy Mallard was the forgotten Disney Channel TV movie The Four Diamonds (Kindergarten Cop and Four Diamonds were both filmed in Oregon, oddly enough).

I want to know what she does these days, and from what I found out she spent the 2000's on the East Coast going to college for a mathematics/economics major; today, she lives in Massachussetts (there were rumors she had a boyfriend at one point, but IDK).


I always thought she was Thora Birch. I was wrong.


Give me one good reason why you believed she was Thora Birch.