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questions -- spoilers

1. Where would one find a copy of the book? is it accurate to the book at all?

2. Did Ju Dou die at the end? Where does her son go?

3. No one seemed to clue in on that the son really killed the abusive uncle. He's a murderer if you think about it..and well, then he killed his mom's lover. So, um..yeah, guess he is.

But, I am just surprised again, that not only is his character not really developed but his character seems to have no remorse for killing his uncle...did he do that on purpose? How did that chair thing he was in get tied near the lake?

Thank you!

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He didn't mean to kill Jin-Shan, it was an accident. And he was only like 3 years old so you can't exactly call him a murderer at that point. Later, though, yes.