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Things I learned from this movie (CONTAINS SPOILER)

1.When a guy injects himself with invisibility serum his clothes become invisible too.

2.When a scientist's experiment fails to work his colleges will laugh their asses off and insult him.

3.Some girls like to do prolonged dances in the nude with the shades up for any peeping tom to see.

4.Summer school principals are incredibly horny and will screw anyone.

5.High school students HATE physics teachers; they won't feel at all bad if one dies, and if they have to be taught by one they'll torment him mercilessly.

6.If people are being killed at school the janitor will be the first everyone suspects.

7.If you're facing a killer who you know has the ability to turn invisible and you have a gun, don't waste time talking, JUST SHOOT!!!

8.If the cops get a call that a homicidal maniac is living somewhere and they find a headless body they'll assume it's the killer without doing any fingerprint or blood DNA analasis, and if the caller is nowhere to be found they won't think it might be him.