Mention of Kids dad

They do a scene where Kid comments if he should do like his dad "take his life" and a showing of gun in draw. But from Purple Rain (original movie) ... they showcase the dad perhaps lives (i.e. in hospital/maybe life support).

Sadly this movie gives off a total diff version to what we saw w/ Purple Rain and that specific scene just threw me off. I perhaps nvr noticed or questioned it before but wondering what other viewers thoughts are.


This movie was 6/7 years after Purple Rain. Since his dad was on life support I always thought he did die ( alcoholism / gun shot to his head) exactly when is anyone's guess. They really should have stuck to the story. In Purple Rain Prince does struggle with his confidence - I think the scene with him with the gun under the bridge is one scene that does tie to his back story in PR. Here he was with Morris as his advasary making his life miserable competing against him AGAIN. trying again to take his girl etc.. It pushed him too far. They should've had a more cohesive story though. They should've had a little more of a tie in to purple rain.

I always thought he ended up with Apolonia - Morris and Jerome showed their respect for him at the end of purple rain. why did they put them at war again in this movie. ?

I wish they would've explained why he chose to run a club really wasn't expecting that.


they showcase the dad perhaps lives (i.e. in hospital/maybe life support).

I think the dad was deceased. Mom was grieving and Kid kissed him goodbye.

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