Apaches deserve better.

not to say that this movie needs to be remade, it was God Awful despite having Tommy Lee Jones and Nicholas Cage, but I think that a movie about the Apache and their aviators should be made and could be cooler than Top Gun.

Goes to show what happens when you try to make a Simpson/Bruckheimer film when you're not Simpson or Bruckheimer (or Tony Scott for that matter.)

Shots of the Apache in action are the only thing watchable about this flick.


Watchable, hell! Those Apaches were doing some serious dancing!

When a loose cannon flogs a dead horse, there's the Devil to pay!


I loved this movie. When Desert Strike came out I was giddy happy, cause it meant I was going to be able to blow stuff up with a freaking Apache helicopter in a video game! I was 12, all right?