Steven Weber

Even though John Ritter will always be the king of physical comedy, does anyone else think that Steven Weber had the potential be the next great physical comedian, he was historical on Wings. A very funny and talented guy. He seemed to be really good at voice impressions to.


Never found Ritter to be funny.


I am posting again. Steven got to play the smartest and funniest character in the show. But yeah John Ritter is still the king since Brian's character didn't do as much physical comedy on wings.



It's taken me 30 years and a rewatch of Wings to decide that Steven Weber was the best actor on the show. He also was given all the best lines, including most of those really smart allusions that the writers were known for and that were also prominent in Frasier.

And I agree, his physical comedy skills were outstanding.


Rewatched some of my favorite episodes last night. Even though I know what Brian is going to say, I scream with laughter every time.

"Death Becomes Him" Is a great example of the comedy genius of Steven Weber. Joe and Brian are hired by Eleanor Kingsberry to bring her late father's body home from Miami. When they realize that they've brought back the wrong body, the brothers panic.

Brian's friend will fly the body back but it will take two hours. But the family chauffer is on his way to the airport to take the body to the funeral home.

Brian's idea, "I saw this on The Twilight Zone. All we have to do is STOP TIME!"

Cracks me up every time I see that scene!