Running Time

I recently transferred a video copy I had made almost twenty years ago from VHS to my new DVR. I originally taped this off of an A&E broadcast at that time and was very happy that the transfer still looks very good.

After editing out all of the A&E commercials and transferring it to DVD I see that it has a running time of 143 minutes and 21 seconds. The IMDB lists the running time as 50 minutes for three episodes or 150 minutes total.

Can anyone who has the British DVD or one of the original VHS copies confirm the 150 minute running time? I am curious to know if the A&E broadcast I used may be missing a scene or two.




Amazon UK lists the DVD run time as 152 minutes. I imagine that A&E chopped a few bits out of the broadcast in order to fit it into their schedules and so make room for the inevitable commercials.

I'd buy the DVD if I were you (assuming that you want to import it and that your player and TV candle handle Region 2 DVDs). It's well worth it. :-)

Amazon UK:

Amazon US (imported from the UK):


Thanks for the update and the links. I'll have to check out the resellers at Amazon. I do have a DVD player that supports multiple regions including Region 2.



I have the US released Laserdisc. The Laserdisc Database has a running time of 150 minutes as well.

I should probably just pop the discs in my player and add up the run times for an accurate count.

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