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Started as a loser, ended as a loser

The show ended on a pathetic note. Don't get me wrong, loved it and it's funny. The show ends with Will being a nothing loser...


I don’t totally agree. He’s planning to continue his college education, so there is hope that he will graduate and make it.

What’s pivotal at the end is that he’s now on his own. His mother is still in Philly. Uncle Phil, Aunt Viv, Carlton, and others are also 3000 miles away in New York. Therefore, there is no adult supervision for Will in California. No Uncle Phil and others watching over him, guiding him, holding his hand. Will has become a capable, independent adult man, which was the goal of his move to Los Angeles in the first episode.

To say he didn’t grow or improve is not correct imo.


I just didn't like that cliffhanger they left for Will. He wasn't exactly excited, more like, we'll see what happens :/