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Why was Janet Hubert (Aunt Viv) fired from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"?

I do feel the show lost some of its direction when the original Aunt Viv was replaced. Hubert's version had more personality. The 2nd Aunt Viv was an entirely different person, more passive, and it changed some of the dynamics on the show.

What I read was that Hubert didn't get along with Will Smith and that she wanted to be the lead which is ridiculous because why would you assume you're the lead of a show where the title describes Smith's character so I don't know if I believe that reasoning.

Hubert's version indicated producers originally wanted to downgrade her character into a recurring status, she'd only do half the episodes of a season, so when she turned down that request, she got fired. And this happened when she had just given birth.

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There's no way Hubert wanted to be the lead of the show, that sounds ridiculous. Hubert's version sounds more credible. It seems there was also a lot of friction between her and Smith, because she didn't like his antics.