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Why did carlton stay geeky for all 6 seasons

I dont understand why the producers never gave carlton more adult personality than being a geek every single episode ???


1: Being dorky is not the same thing as not being adult. Yes, Carlton did have some childish qualities. But he was also a straight A student, who eventually was accepted into Princeton.

2: Some people are dorks and will remain dorks, no matter how old they become. They will not change that much.

3: This show is a sitcom, so the writers wanted to get as many jokes as they could get out of every character. And when it came to Carlton, they could get the most material out of him when he was acting dorky and silly.


Didn’t Hillary stay spoiled and dim-witted the entire 6 seasons?

The show needed balance. Ashley was the normal one. Carlton was a dork. Hilary was slow, spoiled. And then Will was the comedic cool one, the center of the show.

Had Carlton turned normal, like Ashley, it would have disrupted the dynamics and created fewer laughs.