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Why is this not available in the US?

You would think that Federico Fellini's final film, starring Roberto Benigni, would have gotten some kind of US release, even if only on the basis of its historical significance. Does anybody know why it's still unavailable in the US?


It's unavailable in any place. I live in France and there is no edition DVD or even VHS. It's not available on the net. Too bad, I've seen the film once in a theater and it is wonderful.

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It seems the only place it's available, at least on amazon, is from Germany, and I don't spreckanzie much German (if I had to watch an Italian print with no English subtitles I would as I know a little Italian to get by).

...then again, here's a link to the two available copies on ebay:

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It is available in Italy at:

Just do a search for " La voce della luna " on that site and you will find it.
It is in the Italian language with Italian subtitles.

$21.41 US dollars. The shipping will cost $10+ they will only ship via Federal Express. is a good company, I've been ordering from them for about five years will no problem.


It's really rediculous that you can't find foreign films by great artists in the US. Fellini's swan song is important for the completist. Surely there are some English prints around. Or is the market for such films so small that it's just not economically profitable to sell this stuff?

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There appears to be gathering interest in releasing Fellini's movies on DVD.

Three Fellini movies have been released recently on DVD by Infinity Arthouse, as a 5-DVD Box Set, which is not a lighthearted investment:
And The Ship Sails On
Orchestra Rehearsal
Ginger And Fred

I can vouch for the transfer quality - excellent and the extras are considerable and interesting.

There's also Ludwig by Visconti. Clearly they have their sights on this Italian minor classic niche market and are treating it seriously.

Can't find their site via Google however. Be nice to see if they have any plans for La Voce Della Luna. 'If you don't ask, you don't get'.

Anyone know how to get hold of IA?


This thread is a few years old? Yikes. Anyway, I've written to Criterion about La Voce della Luna with zero luck as usual. They continue to release a load of films that are mediocre at best - among a few worthy classics deserving attention. They ignore Fellini almost completely. Kurosawa has a $300 box set and Fellini is all but out of print. It's too bad. Fellini, it seems, will be going the way of the Dodo while crap movies like Robinson Crusoe on Mars and Tokyo Drifter get Blu-ray releases. Being "hip" seems to have more currency than having brilliance. Might have to write off Criterion Collection and push these titles elsewhere. Too bad; they had a great track record going for a while there.


Found it today in, thanks to all of you! I thought I'd never see it again...


It's available in its entirety on Youtube.

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