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Les Contes Pour Tous - DVD BOXSETS

Good news for thoses that are looking for Les Contes Pour Tous in DVD !!!
I'ved talk with the producer, M. Rock Demers, and he announce the release of three 6-disks DVD BOXSETS in 2006.

The first one should be available on April 2006.
(will include "La guerre des tuques", "Bach & Bottine", "C'est pas parce qu'on est petit qu'on peut pas être grand" and more...)

The Second one should be available on August 2006.
(will include "Le Jeune Magicien", "La Grenouille et la Baleine" and more...)

And the third one, should be available on November 2006.
(will include "Opération Beurre de pinottes", "Les Aventuriers du timbre perdu" and more...)

As you should know, the movie "La Guerre des tuques" was previously released on DVD by Equinoxe Films but this distributor doesnt hold the rights anymore for distributing this movie. That's why the DVD is back-ordered everywhere.

Now, if you're too impatient to get thoses great french-canadian movies, you can get them in VHS at the price of 28,70$can each.(Taxes, shipping & Handling Included) Please make your cheque payable to ÉDITIONS LA FÊTE and send your order to the adresse below by specifying your contact infos & wich titles you want:

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Montréal, Qc.
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Tel : (514) 848-0417
Fax : (514) 848-0064
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