Made for TV?

I was surprised to learn this was made for TV, because it feels like a theatrical films (albeit a rather cheap one). Does anyone know on what network this aired in 1989?

This film feels extremely familiar and doesn't have much to recommend it outside of the knockout performance by Virginia Madsen, who regularly delivers captivating work in B-grade films. Treat Williams is decent also, but he seems merely present rather than motivated. 6/10 stars based on the momentum created by Ms. Madsen's performance, but without her this would have been pretty tedious, in my opinion.


that is exactly my take on it, too.

i want to give it another go some time and see if i like it better on a second run. i sometimes like looking at 80s movies just for the street shots of LA. this one had a good feel to it, in spite of treat wms being kinda flat. i like the noirish vibe it had.

one day i will rewatch it. for now, i echo what you said

also, i am confused about the made for tv thing and don't understand how it could be a tv movie with all that cussing.

my favorite voice over ever:


I guess this aired on HBO, so that explains the cussing. I wonder if this was intended as a theatrical film but couldn't get a distributor, so it aired on HBO? On the other hand, many great movies have been made specifically for HBO (though I think this is a few steps short of greatness).