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I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of this great movie!

I was so happy to get my hands on a VHS copy of this film. It is a shame that it is not out on DVD though. It would be nice to see out eventually I hope. They should have a special edition with some of the cast members doing commentary on the film to be honest with you. That should be done in my opinion.

I just got the copy on Tuesday on VHS. I was sort of hoping the person who owned it would have had the VHS box that went over the VHS tape. Unfortunately she did not though. She was selling it on Ebay and I was looking at prices for a VHS version with the box it came with. Amazon some people were selling it for a outrageous price! I could not believe it! I went to Ebay and she was selling it without the box with the decorative artwork on it. I think she must have purchased this from a video store where she lives at that was selling the VHS copy of it because it came in the old VHS casing that I remember seeing video stores have back 20 and 25 years ago with the title Summer Job on the outside of the case. I am not going to complain about it though because I am trying to collect as many USA UP ALL NIGHT films that I remember watching when USA UP ALL NIGHT was on back in the day.

Dedicated to USA UP ALL NIGHT and the fans!