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If You Were A Fan Of USA UP ALL NIGHT Then Please Help!

If you were a fan of USA UP ALL NIGHT then please help! There is a petition out there to bring back a lot of these great B movies, cult classics, horror films, and a few mainstream movies. This show was great to watch and see!

So if you are a fan of this show then please help and sign the petition. Also let your family and friends know about this great show as well! I miss seeing Rhonda Shear on Friday nights hosting the show and Gilbert Gottfried on Saturday nights hosting the show.

Thanks again!



Summer Job was on Up All Night alot. The only place I have ever seen it. I think I would like to see this movie again. Isn't there a scene where a guy puts a frog in a blender?


Yes this was on a lot back in the day when USA UP ALL NIGHT use to be on at this hour of the night on a Friday night! I miss those days and want it back! Yes I believe there is a guy who does put a frog into the blender. It has been sometime since I have seen this movie.

I use to be able to go to my local Blockbuster in Decatur, Illinois and rent it from there on VHS but since they did away with them now all there is DVD to watch which the quality is a lot bettter than VHS.

Dedicated to USA UP ALL NIGHT and the fans of the show!


Sorry about this, everybody. This clown seems to think that he can spam his Up All Night crap on every board in creation. If you're sick of it, feel free to sign the petition below. Thanks.



How about stopping nigelfans spamming!

Miss The Old USA Network?


Why is nigelfan still spamming now by chance? I was not sure and thought that I would ask since this was a year ago when it was going on.

Here is the website for anyone who loved watching the old USA Network programming. It has a lot of TV shows that USA Network use to show prior to Barry Diller buying USA Network in 1998 and then selling it to NBC which forever destroyed the USA Network that we all loved to watch back in the day.

Dedicated to USA UP ALL NIGHT and the fans!