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Not 'Good Bad', Not 'Bad Bad'...'Sin Bad'

My friends and I love bad movies. This is far and away the best worst movie we've ever seen. It even spawned a new classification for movies everywhere.

Everyone knows there are movies out there that are "Good Bad". Movies so hilariously over-the-top that they become hilarious. Island and Stealth, I'm looking at you.

Then there's the "Bad Bad" movies. These are bad movies that are just...bad. No reason to ever go back and watch them again.

And lastly...when even "Good Bad" doesn't fully describe the awesomely awful spectacle that a movie has become...we have "Sin Bad." Uwe Boll...House of the Dead, you know what you are.

You know I'm right.


Haha you hit the nail right on the head buddy. There are some movies out there that are just so bad that it makes them entertaining to watch, and thus you like them such as Sinbad. These are the kind of great movies to watch with a bunch of your buddies just so u can have a good laugh, make fun of it, and "unseriously" critique it to point out all the amazingly awful flaws. I can't recal how many times Ive spent nights watching your generic "B movie" or Troma film with the guys and just having a blast watching something so rediculously bad. Don't get me wrong though, Im not hating on Sinbad in anyway. Im just saying it's a great movie to watch for laughs. Plus who doesn't love big Lou?

Oh and another movie that definitely comes to my mind for this "Sinbad" rating with a well known actor in the starring role is Action Jackson staring Carl Weathers. If you havent seen it, check it out! The movie is just so incredibly bad that it makes you laugh like crazy, plus it has Appollo Creed in it and everyone knows that he's the man lol.