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marianne segbrecht is brilliant + deserves awards

all you have to do is see BAGDAD CAFE with brilliant performances by Marianne
CCH pounder, Jack Palance, etc.. what a SUPER movie!! and then ROSALIE GOES SHOPPING with Marianne, and others. she has made very few american films..and i miss her!! she has a brilliant way about her and makes it such a pleasure to watch her wonderful acting performance!! Cant we see more or her?? where is she?
CCH pounder has gone on to other detective series, Palance was billiant in everything he did, but is gone now...i would have LOVED A SEQUEL to BAGDAD CAFE..(never saw the tv series w/whoopi goldberg..but sounds icky, like her being on THE VIEW..ugh) I say that Marianne is overlooked and brilliant..check her out! shes super.

morgan oneill


I agree that Marianne Sägebrecht is wonderful in "Rosalie Goes Shopping," and she's even better in "Bagdad Cafe." I love Percy Adlon's quirky takes on Americana. I wish the two would pair up in more German-American hybrid films, and I still wouldn't mind a sequel to "Bagdad Cafe."

I've actually watched a few episodes of the "Bagdad Cafe" TV series with Whoopi Goldberg and Jean Stapleton. It wasn't nearly as good as the movie and was more of a standard sitcom, but not a complete waste of time.