Region 2 DVD?

... okay, since I hardly ever get any responses to my threads, I don't expect this to work, but screw it.

I saw this movie on german television, when I was sixteen, thought it was great, and never saw it again. Today I watched HCL and realized, that it's the same director.

I just spent the last half hour trying to find a region 2 DVD of Roadkill, but it doesn't seem to exist. Then I tried to find a streaming-version of the movie, but even that didn't work. (See, what's happening here: I was forced into piracy!)

Can anyone help me out, please? I really, really want to see this movie again. Any ideas?


You can get the Region 1 Canadian DVD here, if that will help: s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1335366691&sr=1-4

And trust me, it's worth every penny.