Not really fun to watch

I dont know I like many films by Nanni Moretti but this one is just chaotic and enerving.
I think I understand most of the metaphors but in this film you are bombed with them and then there is very little parts where there is silence in this movie where you have a pause from the constant yelling.

Bottom line for me: Somebody who isnt Fellini tried to be Fellini and failed.

Nothing against Moretti, he makes great films but this one really wasnt for me.


Well, I couldn´t disagree more; this is a fast paced film filled with amazing scenes that are both funny and thought provoking... somewhat histerical, but that is part of the mess they are trying to convey about the party... it is very funny and cinematic, particularly how the last scene kind of his presented 3 or four times, making it like a multi point of view ending...

And it absolutely has nothing to do with Fellini, who did not do fast paced films but films with some fast paced scenes and much more visual impact... this is about dialogue here; not comparison there...