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Things I learned from Next of Kin

1) I learned some new geography, apparently it's just a quick bus trip from Chicago to the backwoods of Kentucky and back!

2) A mullet looks almost cool if you pull it back into a ponytail.

3) Cops in Chicago have it easy, there's so little to do you can spend days on your personal vendetta and it's no problem.

4) Backwoods hicks who've been to Chicago once and hate the city will have noooo problem navigating around and finding whatever random warehouse they're looking for!

What am I missing, there had to be more lessons in a great flick like this!


5) AMC sucks and so does their selection of movies


OK, you asked for it...

6.) Briar HATES Chinese food!

7.) Thar's ghosts up on that thar ridge

8.) Ben Stiller is best served with a side of creamy coleslaw

9.) Do Not EVER ask Bill Paxton to rap

10.) No one wants to ride with Rosie

11.) A kitty cat is a better security investment than an alarm system

12.) Them dogs need to work on it

13.) The winning strategy is to bring a crossbow to a gun fight

14.) Joey likes to brag

15.) Johnny Isabella is purty good saucier

16.) Don't ever forget one

17.) Briar claims his territory like a tomcat in the middle of the night... if he wants to

18.) Don't mess with Truman's prisoner

Booty Time...Booty Time...Across The U.S.AAAA!


19. Truman is just another cop from the mountains.

20. You just shot a 10 point buck.

21. No he didn't. That little kid just killed the man that killed uncle Gerald.

22. That sauce that Johnny Isabella was making looked really good.

23. People living in the projects know how to strip a car in less then two minutes time.

24. This movie had a lot of actors that people now know.

25. Just like he did in Red Dawn. Patrick Swayze will sneak up behind his enemy. And right before he attacks him. Patrick will yell out or say something alerting his enemy that he's going to attack him.

26. Three counties of kin and hillbillies can take on the Chicago mob and win!

27. Briar's trailer may not be much. But it's his. And he can open the door in the middle of the night, naked and take a piss if he wanted to.

28. Truman's family don't take kind to strangers. And he's not talking about his wife. He's talking about himself.


29. Helen Hunt was a cutie pie when she was young!

30. Having two guns and not needing them is better than needing two guns and not having them (Truman carried one pistol in a shoulder holster and one on his hip).

31. Having red paint thrown on you makes you want to take a shower with your clothes on.

32. Brothers Truman and Briar fought over a scuz bucket, and the winner took her to the prom.

33. Pick up trucks are better than hearses in Kentucky.

34. That sauce that Johnny Isabella was making probably smelled good.

35. Several thousand rounds of automatic weapons fired in a cemetery at night and no police show up.

36. It's always a good idea to leave the number to your cousin's choke and puke to the guy working the hotel desk in case the mob kills you.

37. The cousin who owns the choke and puke is very polite to the hotel desk man ("thank you friend") when he calls to tell him that Briar won't be home for dinner. Ever.

38. It is always a bad thing when two rednecks go into a negro bar.

39. Johnny Isabella is a good one hand shooter.

40. Joey doesn't get to be a mob boss (SPOILER!).

"check the imdb cast list before asking who portrayed who in movies please"


41. That I could laugh so hard from this movie after reading 1-40 above. Thank you! I needed that. ?


42. Glad we could help!

43. The end song when the credits roll (Brother to Brother) is available on youtube.

44. Lots of people don't like the movie OR the end song either.

45. A cop in Chicago and his music teacher wife make a LOT of money to afford a really nice house.

46. Back in the 80s, the expecting wife used a teddy bear to let her husband know that she was pregnant instead of a silly gender-announcing party.

47. Truman will need to look for another job!

48. Truman used to be a paratrooper in the Army.

49. Briar didn't go into the Army.

50. Neither did their little brother.

"check the imdb cast list before asking who portrayed who in movies please"


Only the original post is doing this right. The rest of you are just mentioning things in the movie, instead of life lessons. You're all retards.


51. You're a retard.

"check the imdb cast list before asking who portrayed who in movies please"