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This and home alone 1 are my 2 must watch christmas movies ever year

While all the bashers say over rated boring yadda yadda...
i grew up when this movie came out as with home alone and seen both in the theaters.

While your all hooked on the cgi special effects and 2010 actors of today this was the best when it came out.

Im not the biggest fan of chevy chase but this movie was one of the movies that made me laugh so hard i thought i was going to die movies.

Again if you don't have the sense of humour then you wont get it..

This is a movie like the holy grail where if you don't get it you wont think its funny. Having a squirel jump out of a christmas tree and go for the juggular was one of the greatest moments ever.

Those who bash it go back to watching breaking bad and other tv show sitcoms..

This is a gem and will always be a 10/10 for me as with home alone


I whole heartedly agree. Best 2 Christmas movies ever


There are some truly funny moments, but as a whole I liked, but didn't love it. John Hughes is my film idol and the script is typical John Hughes (obviously mean that in a good way. Direction isn't bad, but better director, better project.


I agree. My family watches thus movie every Thanksgiving evening. Watching it now!


I actually HAVE to watch it by Thursday evening. My company party is the next day, and for the past two years they've asked movie questions and each year they've asked about this one, where I always know the answer. Won a bottle of wine each year for it! Looking forward to a three-peat of that! Let's just hope that the Game Master doesn't deviate from tradition and not ask a question. Though I would accept it if he changed from a questions about this to a question about Die Hard.

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My must-watch Christmas list:

Christmas Vacation

Period of Adjustment

Love Actually

A Christmas Carol (starring Alastair Sim)

The Polar Express

๐Ÿ’• JimHutton (1934-79) and ElleryQueen ๐Ÿ‘


Mine are Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, Christmas Story and Elf. I love Bad Santa as well but it's not a tradition like the rest :)


Same here, I watch both every christmas :] And just for the nostalgia I watch them on VHS. I still got mine in regular use.


Add Home Alone 2 to your list. Excellent movie.

That would make 3 Christmas' I've saved, vs. 8 that I've ruined; two were kind of a draw..ย 


For my wife and I, it's:

Home Alone 1 & 2
White Christmas
National Lampoon's
It's a Wonderful Life
Polar Express

We spend most of the late afternoon/evening on the 24th sitting in our PJs, drinking hot chocolate, eating cookies, and watching these (though we usually have already seen the HA movies before then). We're expecting our first child in October, and we're very excited to continue the tradition


Love actually shouldn't be on anyone's list!

So: a realistic, down to earth show..which is completely off the wall swarming with magic robots?!