Good day.

I recently was recommended this film by a fellow member of my church. She claimed that it was a great movie for children; which I have 3. First of all, let me tell you that I am STRONGLY Christian and am raising my children to have very strong Christian values and belief in our God. The animation looked cute but the cover struck me as odd because it showed a cute girl flying on a broomstick. I naively ignored this and put the video into the VCR for my children and me to watch; I regret this DEARLY. The film started and she claimed she was leaving to be a witch. I was so shocked when that infernal feline started talking, that I IMMEDIATELY unplugged the television and told my children to go to bed and pray to God for forgiveness. Witchcraft is a disgusting tool of the devil and in this case is even more disgusting for being hidden in a supposed children's film. Do not allow your children to watch this; as it is a wolf in sheep's clothing.


Margaret Fisher.


A blast from the past!