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Great summer camp movie. One of many. (List of summer camp films)

Looking For Miracles was an excellent movie. It was one of those feel good type of movies you just can't help but like. But even better, a great movie set in the summer camp theme. Any other summer camp movie fans out there?

I'm a major sucker for summer camp movies! Funny ones, heartwarming ones, scary ones... I love em all! I spent alot of time at camp growing up, so I don't know if it's nostalgia or what, but camp movies to me are the best!

As far as a top 10, probably too hard to determine for me. But Indian Summer may be my favorite. How cool would it be to go back 20 or so years later and re-live those fun times, just for a week?

Also ranking up there at the top would have to be Meatballs, also Wet Hot American Summer. All the fun and hijinx brings back memories and hits home... in a good way. Little Darlings and Poison Ivy probably fall in close behind.

I think over the years I've managed to accumulate just about every film out there that summer camp is either what the movie is about or is the setting for the movie. Probably not all of them, but I immagine most anyway. Some are great, some are real cheesey, but I love em' all.

They are: American Pie Presents Band Camp, The Burning, Bloody Murder, Bloody Murder II, Camp Cucamonga, Camp Nowhere, Camp, Camp Slaughter, Cheerleader Camp, Confessions From A Summer Holiday Camp, Ernest Goes To Camp, Family Plan, Friday the 13th parts 1,2, and 6 ( these were the ones of the series that took place in a summer camp, although I have all of them up to the Manhattan one ), Happy Campers, Heavyweights, Indian Summer, Little Darlings, Looking For Miracles, Madman, Meatballs, Meatballs 2, Meatballs 4 ( Meatballs 3 was not about summer camp, but I have it and it was a decent movie ), The Nightmare Room - Camp Nowhere, The Parent Trap, Party Camp, A Pigs Tale, Poison Ivy, Sleepaway Camp 1 through 3, Summer Camp, Summer Camp Nightmare, and Wet Hot American Summer.

I have seen He's A Bully Charlie Brown with my nephews, which is set in a summer camp. Will have to pick that one up for my collection. I was informed that there are 2 other Charlie Brown movies set in summer camps too. Yeah, I'm a Peanuts fan too, so that's cool! :-D I was also informed that part of Addams Family Values takes place in summer camp. I have yet to check it out though. Probably will one of these days.

Told ya I was a summer camp movie fanatic! Kinda out of control, yeah, I know. But what can I say. :-D

I think people tend to lean toward movies that remind them of the good times in their lives. Camp was one of those times for me. Well, that and playing football, so needless to say I am a football movie fanatic too! I hope you enjoyed my list. So, if there are summer camp movie fans out there like myself, which ones are your favorites? Also, if anyone out there can think of any I forgot, please let me know. Take care everyone! :-)


how could you forget oddballs!?!?! its one of the best!!!!