I remember them being great

I haven't seen any of these movies since i was a kid, I loved them back then, even enjoyed the 3rd one. Now that I see the ratings they have I wonder, how bad can they be?


I was a 40-year-old mother who laughed herself silly watching this film in a theater in 1989.

I've seen it numerous times on TV through the years and STILL find myself guffawing at much of the script and the performances.

Back in '89, the film was VERY well received by the public. 95% of test audiences loved it, and it went on to make its investors a bundle, as well as reviving Heckerling's and Travolta's careers.

Today it barely registers much over 50% approbation here on IMDb, and the critics hate it even more NOW than when it premiered. Why? Besides the difference between audiences then, and now?

I think there's a great deal more negativity out there towards Travolta and even Kirstie Alley nowadays. A lot of people can't get past HIS Scientology and HER years of perceived flakiness, and maybe it has tainted the perception of the film for many of them.

Poor Amy Heckerling. This movie is the same as when she made it and audiences loved it. Only NOW it's on a lot of worst-ever lists. Go figure.


The first one I think is way underrated on here. Haven't seen the second but the third one isn't that good to me. Not awful though.


They are great movies indeed!