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Mocumentary “My Japan” (1945) included in the Animeigo DVD release

Uncle Sam could make it better! “Der Ewige Jude” was impressive but the Germans were serious in their message and tried hard to convince the viewers (which, like it or not, would eventually sparkle an opposite reaction). The Americans here made it all a mockery spiced with babies’ corpses, live executions, crawling Japanese women, and “little masochistic men in uniform with the craving for the world domination” thing. And it all ended up with a commercial (“Buy …!”). Nazis were dilettanti (was slaughtering animals in a special manner for food such a big deal?).

That’s how you make a propaganda flick. After watching it you might want to finish the wretched life of these little men and women from the East with a good portion of napalm (at least), because they are a disgrace to humanity. Just to put them out of their own misery.

Suppose this documentary could easily receive an Oscar or something, but was hushed down not to cast a shadow on the Winner.

'Nu chto gliadite? Ne poluchali davno?'